Sojitz Fashion Co.,Ltd.
We have been in textile business since 1960, carry more than 1,200 items with 12,000 colors, and 7,000,000 meters in stock, such as cotton, synthetic, yarn dyed, jersey, printed, denims and woolen fabrics.
They are all available by small lot & quick delivery. We have experience to export our fabrics to all over the world.
We believe to meet mutual interest with you to establish long term business relationship.
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2023/1 Sewing Print, Patchwork Print ,Sewing Print, Homey sister
Wanderlust Collection were updated.
2022/12 Yarn Dyed Check was updated.
2022/11 Tip-top CollectionTip-top BasicHomey sisterHomey Collection
PatchworkCENTENARY, Christmas were updated.
2022/9 VANCET was updated.
2022.6 Patchwork, Yarn Dyed Check were updated.
2022.5 Fiore Collection , Sewing Print, CALM, Wanderlust Collection,
were updated
2022.4 The pireued was updated.
2022.2 Sewing Print, Homey sister were updated.
2022.1 Vancet , Tip-top Collection , Solid Color Basic were updated.
2021.12 Sevenberry, Vancet were updated.
2021.11 Homey Collection, Tip-top Collection, Tip-top Basic, Baby
CENTENARY were updated.
2021.10 Etoffe, Botanic Garden, Yarn Dyed Check were updated.
2021.7 Patchwork, Sewing Print, Yarn Dyed Check were updated.
2021.6 Sewing Print, Christmas were updated.
2021.4 VANCET, Sewing Print, Fiore Collection, CENTENARY,
CALM ,Yarn DYed Basic, CLEANSE were updated.
2021.1 Sewing Print, CLEANSE , Baby,   Homey Collection, Yarn Dyed Basic
were updated.
2020.12 Tip-top collectionPrint Basic were updated.
2020.10 Fiore Collection , Baby were updated.
2020.9 Sewing Print, Yarn Dyed Check, Taupeism ,
Patchwork Print
were updated.
2020.6 Taupeism,Sewign Print and VANCET were updated.
2020.4 Patchwork, Sewing Print, CALM were updated.
2020.2 Dear Grace, Homey Collection, Baby, Sewing print were updated.
2020.1 Sevenberry, VANCET were updated.
2019.12 Sewing print, Yarn Dyed Check, Yarn DYed Basic,
Patchwork Print were updated.
2019.10 Tip-top Collection was updated.
2019.9 PireuedSewing PrintHomey Collection were updated.
2019.7 Sewing print, Yarn Dyed Check, Yarn DYed Basic,
Sevenberry, VANCET were updated.
2019.6 Taupeism and Sewign Print were updated.
2019.5 Yarn Dyed Check was updated.
2019.4 Calm, Le Ciel Collection, Homey Collection, Patchwork PrintBaby
Tip-top Collection were updated.
2019.2 Homey CollectionBabyLe Ciel were updated
2019.1 The pireued was updated.
2018.12 Homey Collection, Homey Basic Collection, Sevenberry wrere updated.
2018.11 Yarn Dyed Check was updated.
2018.10 Taupeism, Creator's Room Fabrics, Homey CollectionLe Ciel Collection
Tip-top collection, Xmas were updated.

Patchwork Cloth, Homey Collection, Le Ciel Collection,
Cotton Gauze Fabrics 
were updated.